A world full of motivated individuals who empower themselves and create meaningful impact.
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Be the global leader that provides access to the best people, innovative resources and engaging events through inspirational stories, personal branding insights and learning opportunities
What is DYPB?
We are the only organization in the world that is dedicated to every aspect of the personal branding journey.

If you are looking to discover or leverage your greatness, to take the next step in your leadership development, to empower and own your authentic path - one that aligns with your values your purpose and ultimately your legacy and story - then you need to work with DYPB.

Discover Your Personal Brand has run North America's Largest Conference dedicated to Personal Branding for the past 5 years. We now also run events, workshops, masterminds, along with online and in-house training year-round.

Whether you are on a corporate, entrepreneur or academic path, investing in your personal brand will yield huge ROI: Focus, clarity, differentiation, fulfillment and meaningful impact.

At DYPB, you'll have a chance to hear from thought-leaders, high-profile experts and successful entrepreneurs who have mastered their own personal brands, and are eager to help you do the same. You'll walk away from DYPB events feeling inspired and motivated with a renewed sense of purpose and passion.

You'll learn practical tools and strategies that you can apply immediately in your career, business, and life. But most importantly, you'll get the clarity you need to craft your own, unique and authentic personal brand that will help you stand out from the crowd, propelling you towards success.
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