C-Suite & Business Owners - Build Your Thought Leadership Brand Challenge

Build your Thought Leadership with DYPB’s 5-Day Challenge. Bobby Umar trains for 5 days in a row for 1-hour each day on relevant topics.


Registering for one day will sign you up for all occurrences of this event.

There is no need to register individually to each day.

For C-Suite execs or seasoned professionals who want to get even better on LinkedIn and enhance your digital presence. Or maybe you want to build a stronger thought leadership presence for you, your executive team or your organization?

Be The Thought Leader Brand You Know the Industry Should Know About!

It’s a new world. Understanding the “post-pandemic economy” method of audience acquisition, community building, and digital footprint is everything.

Here’s the reality: it’s getting far more difficult to move up and generate opportunities if you don’t stand out.

We know that creating an effective online reputation can be confusing and overwhelming.

As we enter the post-pandemic economy, connecting the dots that grow your thought leadership brand and converts customers requires new and up-to-date methods.

This program is your best opportunity to: Transform Your Thought Leadership Personal Brand in Only 5-Days!

Maybe you are already there. Maybe you want to go a little further. Maybe you want to completely pivot or transform your career to that next level. Maybe you want to ramp up things to get more leads, clients, speaking/media gigs, etc.

Regardless, If you want to get to that next higher level, start by focusing on these 7 things:

check_circle Managing Mindset
check_circle Having Confidence
check_circle Creating Great Content
check_circle Storytelling & Speaking
check_circle Building Meaningful Relationships
check_circle Personal Branding Mastery
check_circle Focus, Clarity, Purpose & Impact

If you want more confidence with your speaking, stories, relationship building and more….

Join our 5-day Thought Leadership Challenge Sept 27 – Oct 1 for 1 hour daily.

I’ll personally take you through some of my signature keynotes and content from the last 15 years.

It’s just 45 min of training each day for 5 days in a row.

I’ve set it up to teach you all of the above, in a step-by-step program each day 12pm-1pm EST over 5 days, from Sept 27 – Oct 1

There will be Q&A and coaching afterwards too.

Can’t make one of the days? REPLAYS for all 5 trainings are given to anyone who registers.

Can’t make this week? You still get all the replays. Or go to our website www.dypb.ca and sign up for our newsletter to learn about the next one.

My Goal

Help you build that thought leadership brand you’ve always wanted and get more leads, clients, career opportunities, and speaking/media bookings.


Day 1: Mindset and Confidence Building

Day 2: Building Valuable Content

Day 3: Storytelling

Day 4: Building Relationships Online

Day 5: Using Personal Branding to create Clarity, Focus and Direction

We will also give a ton of worksheets and resources along the way to help build your mindset, strategies/tactics and a plan.

You in?

Register now!

Here’s an overview of the EPIC VALUE you are going to get from these 5 seminars.


We cover the 7 biggest limiting beliefs that hold us back, along with 3 exercises to help you overcome mindset narratives that block or slow down our path to success.



I’ll share my best tips for creating compelling content that demonstrates your expertise, initiates conversations and yields conversions. We’ll focus on LinkedIn, but I’ll help you with any questions on Clubhouse, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.



I’ll give you 5 key strategies for designing stories that emotionally resonate and attract your audience to work with you. We also discuss 3 important frameworks for stories, and how you can design the best text, video, or TED talk. I’ll also share a personal example where a client got over 3 million views and 100’s of leads for her business.



I’ll discuss the important tactics for building more meaningful connections, how to start conversations and eventually how to create transactions, whether you want them to hire you, promote you, become your client, or buy your programs.


Day 5: PERSONAL BRANDING to create Clarity, Focus and Direction

I’ll share my 5-step signature process for discovering, designing and delivering a purposeful brand to your target audience. I’ll show you how it will then build your thought leadership brand with focus and impact. I’ll also invite you to work with us beyond with an epic, high-value offer.

What are you waiting for?

About Bobby


Bobby Umar is an inspirational speaker, coach, and one of the most prolific advocates of heart-based leadership in North America. Inc Magazine named him one of the Top 100 Leadership Speakers, alongside such noteworthy giants as Richard Branson, Brené Brown and John Maxwell. Bobby is a 5x TEDx speaker, and one of the top social media influencers in the world, with over half a million followers. He has been named the “2nd Best Business Coach to Follow” on Twitter and the “4th Best Leadership Influencer” according to Kred. Bobby is an author of three international books, including a #1 Best Seller. He is also a frequent Huffington Post contributor and he is the host of a weekly tweetchat called “The Power of Connection” that has reached over 65 million impressions weekly. To date, his social media influence has garnered over 1 billion impressions. Bobby was also named a “2015 Speaker to Watch” and most recently, he was named a “Top 7 Networking Guru to Follow”.

A social media advocate, who champions authentic connection and leadership, Bobby has appeared on dozens of podcasts, TV and radio shows. With a background in brand marketing (Kraft and Unilever), engineering (Bombardier) and the performing arts (Second City), Bobby has led Raeallan for over a decade and is now a recognized thought leader in networking, social media and personal branding. He founded the DYPB – Discover Your Personal Brand movement, which hosted the largest event in North America dedicated solely to personal branding, featuring 60 experts and over 300 delegates. 300,000+ people from across the world have experienced Bobby’s high-energy keynotes, interactive team-building activities, and engaging workshops.