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Step-by-Step Guide to Boost Your Life with Personal Branding

Why You Need Personal Branding

Personal branding is trending. There is a big reason why. Whether you are a seasoned CEO or executive, or a student just starting your career, you can leverage your personal brand to go from good to great in your leadership path. The real challenge is that while most people know what personal branding is and why it’s important, they don’t know exactly how to start.

Personal Branding ​essentially helps you create more Focus, Alignment, and Impact in your career, business, and life.

If you want to take your path, your experiences, your connections, and your impact to the next level, then you must dive into your personal brand. In this program, I will show you the key steps you must take to develop, design and deliver your Personal Brand of thought leadership.

Benefits of Personal Branding

Greater Professional Impact

When you have more focus and alignment in your work, you will have greater results, achievement and legacy. 

You Set Yourself Apart

Personal branding will allow you to find your true strengths that the world sees and leverage them to outsmart and outlast the competition.

People Trust You More

Your brand will set you apart, but it will also give you the focus you need to build a stronger reputation, trust and integrity with everything you do. 

You’re 100% Authentic

You can create a path that is aligned fully with who you are, what you believe, and demonstrates your values. This ultimately will increase your own value. 

Most People You Admire Have A Strong & Aligned Brand. Do you?

If you haven’t truly leveraged your personal brand, you may be feeling like one of these people. 

Do you feel like any of these people? 

  • You feel comfortable in your work, but there is a certain emptiness nagging at you
  • You experience a sense of doubt around what is next for you in this world
  • You may feel lost in your current role or path
  • You are finding less fulfillment in your personal and professional relationships
  • You lack direction and purpose
  • You feel stuck in your industry, career or academic path
  • You are satisfied with the work you do, but feel a bit useless
  • You have joy and fulfillment, but not enough wealth
  • You have some excitement, but some complacency, which feels like uncertainty 

Get instant access to Personal Branding Training now!

This comprehensive course will take you step-by-step to developing and designing your authentic personal brand. I even throw in a ton of resources, tools and worksheets to help you get there.  

Watch this video intro of the course!

Feeling Lost or need more clarity? Here is my story.

It’s perfectly normal and absolutely human.  

I was the same way. 

I had 4 different careers and never seemed to find that one that really fit or made me feel valued across the board.  

Once I dove into my personal brand, so much more happened than I expected: I was more focused, happier, and started created the impact I wanted in this world.  

That is where personal branding has power. It moves you to greatness. It compels you to create a more authentic, aligned story for your life. It ultimately gives you a legacy to build that you want to start right away.  

Now that is a good feeling to have, isn’t it?  

What are the outcomes of this Personal Branding Course?

This program, if you are willing to do the work, will get you there.  

  • If you want to gain more clarity, purpose and direction with the next phase of your career. 
  • If you want to find greater meaning, value, passion in your work.
  • If you want to create better success, results, and legacy.
  • You will identify your top 5-10 personal brand elements.
  • How to create your personal brand identity statement, along with your mission, vision and why.
  • You will have the foundation to design and deliver on building your thought leadership brand.

Let’s start your personal brand journey!

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Here is what Satisfied Students Are Saying

Changed my mindset … landed a good job

“Bobby’s material changed my mindset about networking and my personal brand. Using his frameworks and tips for networking, I landed my dream job out of college and tripled the size of my network. “

Bennet Garner

Telecommuting Trends Analyst

Go to person about personal branding …

“I learned a lot about myself beyond what I already thought I was and I know that there is a lot more work to do. But yes, Bobby is definitely the go to if you want to talk about personal branding, so you must check him out.”

Elvira Hopper

Miracle Mindset Coach

Overview of the Video Course

The comprehensive video course is divided into the following sections for you to master your personal brand:


minutes of content

questions and exercises

Phase 1

Self-Reflection to
Discover You

We start by self-reflection that will help you better connect with yourself. This starting point is important as it allows you to stay grounded with who you are. The journey starts from here.

Phase 2

Feedback and External Tests

With a good understanding of self, we begin to gather external feedback (from friends and peers) who may give us an insight into our likes and dislikes. Furthermore, we take well-known and recognized tests to better understand overselves.

Phase 3

Articulate Your Personal Brand & Implement it!

After all the hard work, we do more hard work of articulating your personal brand. Afterwards, you can begin sharing and communicating this personal brand in your day-to-day life!

The Best Time to Start
Personal Branding is Now!

If you want to take your career to the next level, gain more focus in your work, create more powerful alignment as a leader, and ultimately build a greater story and legacy, then this Personal Branding program is for you. The best investment is in you and the time is now to take this course and create greatness that is authentic, meaningful and purposeful. Sign up today! Your personal brand journey starts now so let’s get started.

About the Instructor

A Recognized Expert on Personal Branding

Bobby Umar is an inspirational speaker & coach who champions authentic connection and heart-based leadership. An Inc Magazine Top 100 Leadership Speaker, he’s also spoken at TEDx 5 times. With over 500,000 social media followers, Bobby is a recognized influencer and thought leader in Networking, Personal Branding & Digital Marketing. He has been named the 4th best leadership influencer according to Kred, a Top 7 Networking Guru and the 2nd best business coach to follow on Twitter. He founded DYPB – Discover Your Personal Brand to help thousands discover their greatness and create more meaningful impact.

Bobby Umar  |  Instructor

100% Satisfaction

If you have done all the deep dive work laid out in the course and are not satisfied with your personal brand investment after 60 days, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund!

-Bobby Umar

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a limited-time deal or course?

Yes, we have just launched this course and can change the pricing or the course. So, do take advantage and invest in it as soon as you can!

What if I don’t care about personal branding?

Sorry to hear that. Fortunately and unfortunately, personal branding impacts all of us – even if we like it or not. Let’s find a better way to help you love, own and manage your personal brand.

Does the course include examples, content, and resources?

Yes! The course comes loaded with enough resources to guide you to your personal brand!

Is this course for me?

If you want to align your life, amplify your opportunities, and generate more business and career leads, then Yes! It doesn’t matter whether you are a CEO, executive, entrepreneur or student. This course helps everyone go from good to great!

Is there support and guidance available?

Yes, as part of the video course, you get a chance to book a one-time coaching call with Bobby (your instructor!) and if you need more help, simply contact us and we can provide options.

Is there a contact number for additional info?

Yes! Certainly. Please contact us at or call/text at 1-(416) 838-2526.


Contact us at or message us via our website or our pages on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook.