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Personal Branding Audit

Why do you need a Personal Brand Audit?

Your personal brand is what the world to see of you. It’s how you’re perceived; what people think and feel about you.

Everyone has a personal brand. Taking control of your personal brand helps influence this perception in the right way.

  •  When you dig deep and discover yourself — your values, purpose, passions, superpowers and stories.
  • When you learn who your dream clients and audience are and find your place and your people.
  • When you know how to effectively communicate how you can help others, and when you have a plan of action to help you ‘show up.’

You’ll see your business flourish.

You’ll start attracting your ideal clients

You’ll have more focus in business and feel more confident with your marketing.
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This is where your personal branding development begins.

The Personal Branding Audit is the strategy and vision for your whole brand, so that every touch point is executed with authenticity, alignment, and consistency.

But here’s the hitch — you have to believe that you have a brand in order to do a brand audit.  If you’re on the fence about whether or not you’re actually a brand, don’t bother with an audit.  Instead, you should just keep doing what you’ve been doing and hope that it all works out.  And feel free to check back in a few months. 😉

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Want to know 10 Pillars that should eventually make up your personal brand?

The Audit will cover the basic building blocks for you to eventually improve on all 10 pillars.
By the end of your entire personal brand journey with us, you’ll know:

1. What your unique selling proposition, message and value is and how to position it in the market.

2. How to use your story to build trust and credibility.

3. What language and tone you need to market with.

4. Who your ideal client is and how to connect with them.

5. How you need to be presenting your image online and offline.

6. What your photography needs to look like.

7. What your logo, website and branding needs to look like.

8. What videos you need on your website and social media platforms.

9. What you need to be posting about in blogs and on your social media platforms.

10. Who you need to be aligning yourself with to build brand credibility.

Figuring out your own personal brand is a process — and while it’s tempting to jump right into making sure you’re communicating a clear personal brand, there’s actually another place you can start.

Do a personal brand audit.